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Cartier removes browser injected ads to improve luxury shopping

Eliminating unauthorized ads helped the luxury brand protect online brand perception and get additional revenue every month

The Results
Increase in overall site conversion rate
Increase in revenue per session lift
Increase in page views per visit
Business Challenge

Browser Injected Ads Impacting Luxury Shopper Journey

High-end eCommerce is an important growth engine for a traditional luxury brand like Cartier. And its affluent shoppers expect the same five-star customer experience when they shop online. So, Cartier needed to ensure the online shopping experience isn’t disrupted under any circumstances.

Like many other traditional luxury brands, Cartier was a late mover into eCommerce and was surprised to find the hidden threat of customer journey hijacking.

Cartier - Browser injected ads

Traffic hijackers had placed browser-injected ads such as competitor ads, pop-ups, banners, and adult content on Cartier’s eCommerce website.

The contextual nature and design of ads seamlessly blend into the catalog and product description pages; customers could not distinguish these illegitimate ads from Cartier’s own website promotions.

This not only compromised the on-site shopping experience the luxury brand offered but also took away their customers.
When BrandLock connected with Cartier, their eCommerce team discovered the negative impact ad injections had on their conversion rate and online brand perception.

Cartier decided to partner with BrandLock on a pay-per-performance model to prevent customer journey hijacking on their online store.

BrandLock solution

BrandLock Prevents Ad Injections To Protect Brand Reputation

  • BrandLock’s initial website analysis revealed that over 11% of users were exposed to ad injections.
  • BrandLock conducted an A/B test to familiarize the company with different ad injections displayed during visitor sessions.
  • Cartier immediately took action by deploying Shield, Brandlock’s solution to prevent customer journey hijacking.
  • Cartier’s conversion rate climbed significantly after Shield blocked competitors and other unwanted ads on the website. 
  • Removing ads injections that served competitive product ads helped the company recover orders and get additional revenue that would have been lost.

Cartier Gets Double-digit CVR Lift After Removing Ad Injections

In the first month, Cartier noticed a +4.5% increase in the overall revenue per session. By the next month, the conversion rate climbed by +10%.

Cartier found that removing browser-injected ads increased their monthly revenue. They also noticed that the luxury shoppers were more engaged, spent additional time, and visited more web pages.

With BrandLock Shield, Cartier achieved:

  • 4.5% overall site revenue per session lift
  • 10% overall site conversion rate lift
  • 200% increase in page views per visit

Cartier continues to partner with BrandLock to prevent current and emerging ad injections from hijacking the online customer journey.

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